Trust, in our line of work, is essential

Trust, in our line of work, is essential

The client has made you the “star” recruiting among all of the global markets. They love the list of companies you put together and has asked all other markets to deliver something similar. Great work!

One of the downsides of our line of work is: that we can rarely share who we work for and as such not show off with the brands that trust in us. The above compliment was from a MNC for whom we recruited director level respondents in Singapore.

We often partner up on innovation & strategic projects.  Clients tell us they work with us mainly for the following reasons:

  • we truly understand who should be interviewed and as such connect to relevant respondents
  • for our huge network of local suppliers like moderators and translators whom we partner with on a per project basis
  • and last but not least for the QPA code of ethics we work by

Our clients secrets & plans are safe with QPA.